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Thank you for inquiry about setting up a free gold savings account. Below are a couple of introductory videos about Karatbars International and what they have to offer.

22 Minute Video about KaratBars
Additional Information about KaratBars

Karatbars is the fastest growing company in the world and is on the road to being an international bank with over 1,000,000 ATM machines around the world (already in production). They have offices in several countries. They have 4 physical banks at this time and are planning to become the largest banking institution in the world in about 5 years.

Investment Options Available:
Attached is the information flier we created regarding gold crypto currency special offers. Karatbars is making these available in April for establishing a gold account. Karatbars crypto currency is backed by physical gold (unlike bitcoin which has no backing and is only numbers on a computer). The offers shown on the attached flier outline various crypto packages available at modest price points with a variety of bonus incentives such as coins and a voiceover block chain high security cell phone. There are more options of much higher values available on the Karatbars website. You can purchase just once and leave your investment in your Karatbars account until your investment amount matures in 2023 (see flier).

Or — you can continue to purchase more gold into the future and allow it to accumulate until the value of gold appreciates to an amount you are happy with, be that in 2023, earlier, or later. You can sell your gold at any time you wish at whatever the current market value is at the time you decide to sell. You can bring home any physical gold you purchase or store it in their vault. They ship via Fedex and are partnered with Mastercard.

Spread and Reap Blessings:
You can also sell “packages” to family and friends so they are blessed, and, you will receive incentive bonuses. In so doing so you reap blessings as well. KaratBars offers new packages from time to time with different features to match almost any budget.

Physical Gold:
You can also buy and take delivery of physical gold and my daughter Andrea can give you information on that process.

Andrea is quite well skilled at helping people set up a new account and is happy to assist you if you decide having a gold account is right for you. We have thoroughly studied this company and done our research and we are quite confident in what the research has shown. Gold is a standard for several world currencies and will be for more countries in the future. In our opinion, it would be good to have an account with gold purchased now before the value goes really high, which it will. It has already risen since when we first began purchasing actual gold and crypto gold two years ago. What we purchased back then is worth more now and it will continue to appreciate in value. The great thing about Karabars is that they own three gold mines so, even if some country like China works towards buying up gold to back their own currency, Karatbars will still have gold to back up what they have sold to us, their customers. Karatbars has established its credibility with us.

Our plan is to have enough gold investments to become debt free, purchase a house and transportation, to live on, perhaps travel some and to have money for helping various ministries. What would you do with the money you earn?

Record Keeping:
Karatbars has an excellent system for you to keep detailed records of your purchases, who you have sold to, your bonuses, the appreciation value of your account balance, what is new and up and coming, and so on.

In your Ballpark:
If you need Andrea’s help, just call for an appointment with her and she can get you set up. I would recommend by Thursday April 11 if you want to be sure to get the account finalized for the first deadline of Sunday, April 14, or at any time after that if you are interested more in the end of the month deals which are still excellent, but which have lesser bonus values.

Let me know if you have any questions
Blessings to you,
Bob McLellan